Sunday, July 21, 2013

{Very Bad Blogger}

Ok, So I haven't blogged in like, months. Been busy, but so has everyone. I really need to keep this updated as it's been a great document for our life.

We just got back from Hamilton, OH for US Target National and US JOAD Target Nationals.Archery, of course. The girls shot wonderfully in their first really big tournament.Sarah took third in the Ranking round and in the team competition and Cora placed 14th in the Ranking round and third in the team competition. It was the first time either of them had participated in the team round. They really had a blast. It was a LONG week with HOT temps (80 degrees with 80% humidity=ew) but we made it out alive. Andrew shot well too and had a great time meeting new people.

My shoulder gave out on the second day so I wasn't able to finish.

Cora and her team

Sarah and her team

Sarah made it on to the USA Archery website during the tournament.

The girls had Summer Camp the week of June 30-July 5. We drove them up to Camp Chrysalis in Kerrville, TX. Andrew and I had a week to ourselves, but I was busy working overtime and he was working too. We did go to some friends' house for July 4 for a party. It was awesome being there with no kids to worry about. Weird, though!

Cora will be a freshman this fall, and Sarah will be a 7th grader. Crazy not having elementary school-age kids anymore.  Bittersweet. 


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