Tuesday, November 29, 2011


It's been a bit chilly the past couple days. We have our heat on {gasp!}. Of course, it only comes on like once a day and once at night. I hate being cold.

Thanksgiving was awesome. All the leftovers are gone now. Actually, they only lasted a few days. I remember as a kid, the turkey lasting FOREVER.

Anyhoo...still have a few things to get for Christmas. The girls and I went to the mall last weekend just to browse. I got lots of ideas for little gifts for them. They already have their laptops for their big gifts, so I'm going to get them some little things to put under the tree.

Andrew had a conference with Sarah's teacher today. Sarah has apparently found out that her teacher is a pushover.  We've had to let Sarah know that she is not allowed to act silly at school just because her teacher isn't firmer with her. We let her know that if her teacher is not able to control her in class, we will do it for her.  Little terd. :)

Hot chocolate on a cold night: Priceless...

This photo was taken a few years ago while we were still in Michigan. We were at Andrew's mom's boyfriend Dan's house, and Sarah was mesmerized by his instruments. He has his living room filled with guitars and other stuff.  She was in love. She loves her some "Dan, Dan, Grammy's Man". 

This past weekend we had rain. Yes. Rain. Hard to believe here in San Antonio, but it actually rained all night and a good part of the morning. 
I took advantage of the wetness to get some cool shots I usually don't get the opportunity to get.

Good times. Life is good.

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Suzanne B. Webb said...

beautiful pics, I love to see how different regions 'season'.....