Monday, August 24, 2009

Did I really NOT post anything for three and a half months? Oops. My bad. Seems like this summer has just flown by. Lots of swimming, Seaworld, work, more swimming, more Seaworld, more work. Oh, and a couple weeks of having two nephews visit thrown in there, too.

Girls got out of school on June 4. Andrew was on a trip to Michigan at the time of their last day. My work schedule changed from days to evenings so that I could be home with them during the day.

The second week of summer was reserved for Girl Scout Day Camp. This was the first time that both girls got to be in a unit. They got thoroughly dirty and were both wiped out at the end of each day. Excellent.

In July, my two nephews, James and Solomon, came down to San Antonio for a two-week visit. They "enjoyed" the heat. Hehhe...both went home with a nice dark tan and lots of memories. I took them to Seaworld while they were here. They also swam more than I think they have their whole lives. They got to see the Alamo and the Riverwalk and ate at Schilo's Deli, which has the best food ever.

Nice, loving brothers.

Sharks at SeaWorld.

My sister got us Annual Passes to SeaWorld, so we've been using those like crazy. I think we've got every week since we got them. That place rocks. I think my favorite thing is the Believe show, which is with the killer whales. Totally love it and could see it three or four times a day.

Anyhoo...summer's over now. Girls went back this morning. Sarah's a third grader and Cora's a big bad 5th grader.

I've also got a new job. I'll be working at Time Warner Cable starting on Sept 15. I'll miss Target and all the people there, but it's time for me to move on to other things.

I'm excited for the future!


Jessie Geroux said...

sounds like a great summer Ang--hope the new job is fun and fulfilling.

LeslieK said...

Nice to see you posting! <3