Thursday, April 16, 2009


Nope. No snappy title for today. Not feeling that hot and am just lazing on the couch today before I have to go to work tonight. Luckily it's only 4 hours or so, but do you realize how many folks shop at Target at night? Yeah, I'm grateful people so shopping, or I'd not have a job. Since this is America, I can good-naturedly grumble a tad, right? You betcha.

Cora got her hair cut last night. She was getting tired of being so hot on her neck all the time, so she had it chopped. Very short and cute.

This morning we curled it and she went to school excited because she looked like Alice from Twilight. Sigh. Such a little diva girl. I curled Sarah's hair a bit, too and she went to school happy also.

Our first Easter in TX went well. It was beautiful and hot outside. The girls and I took a trip downtown to HemisFair Park and also mozied on down to the Alamo. We were lucky to be in one of the rooms of the Alamo when the tourguide began telling the story of the battle. Very cool. The girls also found a sprinkler to run through to cool off. Yes, it was that warm outside.

I've been shooting fairly well lately. Made some pretty big changes in my form so have been working on that. Texas Shootout is next weekend. Should be a good time.

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Pamela said...

Great photo! Hope you start to feel better!