Friday, April 03, 2009


I love Spring. Ok, I admit it. Texas never really has a winter. I love Spring anyway. The weather gets even warmer and the days are getting longer. I really love Daylight Savings Time. We've been shooting outside for the past few weeks. I forgot how hard it is to shoot in the wind. I think we've got my arrows tuned correctly. Now I just have to figure out my form. Andrew and I are shooting in the Texas Shootout in a few weeks up in College Station. I'm going not to win, but to have a great time shooting outside and getting some great tournament experience. I definitely need more of that.

Andrew is in Paris, TX taking a Community Coach Course, which will basically make him a Level 3 Archery Coach. He says he's learning a ton of really awesome stuff, and he can't wait to get home and make me his guinea pig. Nice. I'm excited to learn some new stuff though. Should be fun.

Our tournament in Louisville was a great time. We got to see a lot of friends from Michigan. Cora shot wonderfully and took the National Title. I had a hard time, however. Completely my fault; I just let my concentration wane for a few seconds. That's all it takes. Learned my lesson, though, and have been working on a lot of things for next year. Some craziness happened to Cora though. There was a girl on her bale who was at her first tournament. On the second practice end, the girl pulled out an arrow and hit Cora in the head with the nock of the arrow. Yeah, it hurt, but Cora let it go. A few ends later, the same girl pulls out another arrow and slashes Cora across the face with the nock. Archery is usually a VERY safe sport, but if someone doesn't know the etiquette, things can get dangerous. Cora was writing on the scorecards and never even saw it coming. It's just one of those things, but I'm sure the girl learned really fast the proper way to pull arrows.

Cora recovered really well, and shot a personal best. We were really proud of how she handled herself. Her maturity and composure is amazing.

She's also going to audition for the school talent show. She's going to sing "This Is Me" by Demi Lavato, and she's going to sing A Capella. Very cool.

Welp, I'm off to get ready for work. Have a great weekend!


Jessie Geroux said...

love your updates Ang.. good luck in College Station!

Elizabeth Wilson said...

Yikes! That wounded cheek looks painful. Congrats to Miss Cora for going on with the show anyway and kicking butt!